Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Play poker

Play poker, it is an easy term, But why you are going to play is very important.Most people play for many different reasons. Playing to win money is the main reason all people play. But in reality, they also play for a lot of other things. To have fun, to kill time. relax. And a lot of other reasons.

Play poker is very popular in the United States and arround the world. I believe that T.V. is the reason it is so popular. And one of the reasons most players play bad. Why is that, because most of the people you see on T.V. are tournament players. If they play that way in a regular game they would go broke most of the time.

Play poker to make money is not easy and it also not that hard. It is a combination of skills. Most players are aware of most of the poker terms. And they think they have the skills.

Winning poker for the long term? Hustlers play for for one reason and only one reason. That is to win money! They understand everything. How do they do this, I will explain in the future. Good luck.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Texas hold em

Texas hold em is the most popular poker game in the United States and around the world. The game has actually been around for the last fifty years.It almost died out but then an idiot won the World series of poker and then it exploded, big, big time. Mainly because of TV. And also Internet poker sites.

Texas hold em started out in Texas. Were poker was illegal. Then In the late 1960's it started in a legal poker room in Las Vegas. The Golden Nugget in downtown Las Veagas.Then started to spread slowly though out Nevada.California also had legal cardrooms were poker was played.Those games were Draw games. Low ball and high draw..Then in the 1990"s California allowed Hold em.

Texas hold em will be around for awhile more. But when it dies out, there will always be another poker game just as popular. That is the nature of poker.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Rebel poker

Rebel poker is winning style of poker playing. You are fighting to win money.Playing poker is a gambling game. Rebel players only gamble in certain spots, where there chance of winning the pot is good.

Rebel poker players use a combination of skills to win money. All skilll levels are important. Some are not talked about, because most authors of poker books have not really played for a living. Playing poker for a living is hard. Because of alot of factors, that most people don't realize.Rebel poker players understand all of the factors.

Poker is a fun game. Especially when you are winning alot of money and alot of pots.Other times if you break even, the game is alot of fun. Or if you win acouple of big pots and still wind up losing.

Here is one, ups and downs.You will have bad days, bad weeks,bad months. You will have good days,good weeks, good months. Rebel poker players, at there worst will break even during these times. Because they are playing to win money, not to have fun.

Some day. I will write a book about all the skills and factors in poker.The reason it is not out yet, it is this. How to write a book that everyone really understands, very hard to do. But I will get it done someday.