Saturday, December 26, 2009

Rebel poker

Rebel poker is winning style of poker playing. You are fighting to win money.Playing poker is a gambling game. Rebel players only gamble in certain spots, where there chance of winning the pot is good.

Rebel poker players use a combination of skills to win money. All skilll levels are important. Some are not talked about, because most authors of poker books have not really played for a living. Playing poker for a living is hard. Because of alot of factors, that most people don't realize.Rebel poker players understand all of the factors.

Poker is a fun game. Especially when you are winning alot of money and alot of pots.Other times if you break even, the game is alot of fun. Or if you win acouple of big pots and still wind up losing.

Here is one, ups and downs.You will have bad days, bad weeks,bad months. You will have good days,good weeks, good months. Rebel poker players, at there worst will break even during these times. Because they are playing to win money, not to have fun.

Some day. I will write a book about all the skills and factors in poker.The reason it is not out yet, it is this. How to write a book that everyone really understands, very hard to do. But I will get it done someday.