Sunday, September 13, 2009

Poker blog

Poker blog,why I started it.My intention is simple. I want to help people make money playing poker. Though the years I have met or played with 1000's upon 1000's of people.99% Almost all were nice and good persons.When I first started playing I would win alot of money and also lose aloy of money. After awhile I was going to give it up. Then I meet an oldtime hustler, who showed me the ropes. Then I met more hustlers though the years, I learned alot and would like to pass it on.

Poker blog,I am not sure yet, how to go about and what to write. Setting the blog up has been alot of work. Writing articles is also not easy, but is fun. The first articles are general things and later on I will go into details in a manner that anyone can understand.There are many books out there on poker. I have read most of them.Most were ok, but a few were good. But even the the good books are hard for most people to learn.They have the right stuff but don't put it in a manner that you can learn fast.

Poker blog will be good someday.If there is any one out that knows about blogging. Or has knowledge of search engine optimization. And site navigation and any other things about blogger. Just leave a message, on the comment list. Thank you.

Poker players

Poker players are very nice people as a rule.They all want to win money. And some days they do win. And some days they lose. They come from all different parts of the United States and around the world. Male or female, young and old. Most of them play for many different reasons. To have fun, kill time, relax and more.
Poker players have different skill levels. Some of there skills are good and some bad.Most players really don't get better, from the time they first start playing until they die.Why is that, because as they play, they hear new things all the time. And they think they know, but they don't take the time to really study them.And really understand what they mean.AA's are the best starting hand in texas . Most players lose more money with AA's than they win AA's. Some day I will write a book to really define how this happens.

Poker players use a combination of skills when playing poker. Just knowing some of the skill levels is good.But understanding all of them is the way to play.Because some of the skills are more important than others.Pro's or hustlers know how to apply them at different levels.
Most books on playing poker are good. A few are excelent.But as far as I am concerned, they don't explain everthing, in the right way. You read the book, some of it goes above your head, some goes between your ears and does not stay. The best example, one of the best book's written, I ask people when I am playing about one of the chapters. THey say they read it.Then I ask them about one single item, like on how to bluff in no-limit. They read it. but really don't understand.

Online poker

Online poker is gettig very popular in the United States and around the world.There are many poker sites to play at. The safest and best site is on my blog. This sites software developer was a software expert and also a poker pro. Beware, some of the sites have had problems, mainly smaller sites.
Online poker is great for many reasons. This site runs live games, limit and no-limit. It has touraments, small and big. And has sit and goes called SNG. All of this goes on 24 hours aday,7 days a week.
Online poker tips.1.If you don't have an optical scroll mouse, you should get one.It makes it easy to bet with.2.No matter how much money you put in your account, you should play in very small games and touraments at first.Why, because it takes awhile to navigate through the site. And you will get a feel of how the games and touraments are played.3.Play only one game at a time when you first start out. After you have played for awhile. You can play several games or touraments at the same time. Also SNG's.4. Money management is very important in your life, and when you play poker.
I like playing online for many reasons. If I am in a bad game I can get out and go to another game. When I am running bad, I can quit, and go back later. Like to play in touraments.Now this may be strange, but I like playing at night and early morning. I feel the games are better.