Friday, January 1, 2010

Poker strategy

Poker strategy is easy, read a book and play in a game and have fun. That is what a lot of players do. Some players never read a book. Some books are good and some bad.

Poker strategy is a lot of work. Making money at poker and playing to have fun and make money. Well these are 2 different strategies.To make money only is what I am going to try to do. Some day I will have my book out.

Most of the poker books that are out there, are good. But what good is a book if you really don't understand what they are saying. When you play in live pokers games you hear a lot of comments.99% of the comments are wrong. Why? Because they really don't understand what they are talking about. They have a basic knowledge, but never go beyond it.

Poker strategy is a lot of basic things. But to make money at poker , you really got to understand a lot of things, most players never get it.Holdem is a very popular game. Example, your in a live, no limit poker game. The first player bets $10, then are next, you throw in a $25 chip, you think you are raising, but all it is a call.Now if you say raise, and the dealer or player hears it, then it is a raise. Say you are first to act and throw in a $25 chip, that is the amount that you are betting. Now if you are first to act and say $15 and then throw in a $25 chip. Then $15 is the bet amount.

Now most players understand what I just said. But they get into a pot with the nut"s and they get excited and Forget to say raise before they throw the chip in. Most players keep making the same mistakes over their lifetime of poker playing.