Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Live poker

Live poker is very popular.It is played in about half the states in the United States. It also is very popular around the world.Most people that play poker, do it for various reasons. To have fun is the number one reason. Winning some money is the number two reason.

Live poker is played in public cardrooms and home games. In a public cardroom, you can sit down and play as long as you want.In a lot of home games you are supposed to play for a length of time. So say you are going to play in a home game. When you first sit down, explain to everyone, that you can not play all night, because you have to go to work early in the morning, That way if you win a lot of money in the beginning, you can quit and take your profit.

When I first started to play poker in home games, all the players would make an agreement to play for a certain length. Many times I would be way ahead in money but they didn't want me to quit. They would say, hey we all agreed to play for a certain length of time. So I would say I would play for a little longer but then I got to go. You have to be careful in home games, if you win and quit. They won't invite you back. I got shut out of a lot of home games because I usually won.

Live poker in public cardrooms is different. You can go into any game that you want to.What you should do before you ask for a game is, check out all the games. The game that the most players are loud and having fun is the game you want to get in.