Thursday, April 1, 2010

Poker tips and what they really mean

Poker tips and what they really mean is hard for most people. The reason being is the tips are really not explained. I will give several examples.

Starting hands in Texas hold'em. Ace queen suited, is a fair hand in limit holdem,but is a bad hand in no-limit poker. In limit holdem if you raise with Ace queen suited and are not re-raised you probably have the best starting hand. Where in no-limit holdem if you raise with Ace queen suited and get re-raised you are usually in a bad situation. And even if someone calls, they are most likely to have Ace king. Because if a Ace hits the flop you are usually hooked and go to the end with a losing hand.

Bluffing is part of any form of poker. When you are playing in a small limit poker game, never bluff. The reason being, first of all if you are a good player, you usually have the best starting hand. Second reason, most small limit players are bad players and call with any hand. In no-limit poker, position, is one reason to bluff. The other is if you have a drawing hand like four to a flush or straight. If you get called you still a have a chance to make your flush or straight and win the pot.

Poker tips and what they really mean is a skill level that most players don't understand. Say you are in a live game and lose the pot and your hand is shown. Others players might tell you that you had to play that hand the way you did. They are usually wrong because you do not have to play any hand to the end.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Pokers is mainly a gambling game.The math involved in poker is very basic.A lot of players play poker as a math game. Math is important,but if you play only that way you will be a winning player. But not a big winning player.

Pokers is a game that hinges more on skill than chance.What skills do you need to make money. Many skills, here are some. Basic math,money management, position,limit or no-limit game selection,starting hands,when to bet or raise or fold.Plus many more skills.

Do you have to have high skills at every level.No,but you must understand all the skills.What do I mean about this. Well one example, basic math, you play 2 suited cards and flop 4 to a flush.If you are heads up and the other player bets,you are a big dog to win the pot. For 2 reasons, you are a 4 to 1 dog to make the flush and if you make the flush and don,t have the highest flush the other player could have a higher flush.

The main reason you have to understand all skills is easy. When you are running good, the hands you play and the way you play them does not matter that much. Why, because you are lucky.When you you are running bad and are playing the wrong hands at the wrong time. You are going to get murdered.

So you must learn all the skills.Learning all the skills is pretty easy.Understanding all the skills is a lot different and to get to a higher level,is a lot of work.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Poker games

Poker games are just new and old games.The main reason games come an go is that poker players play for many years and get better and better. Then the game starts do die out because to many players know how to beat the game.

Poker games also change because of the house(poker rooms). Find games that that make there rake(money) higher and faster. Also TV has made a big change in poker. Holdem is the most popular game today. It started to die out in the year 2000. Then by the year 2005 it exploded.Because of TV and also the internet.

Poker is a five card game, meaning that the best five cards win. When I first started playing, most games where five card games. Like 5 card stud, low ball and draw poker.Then 6 card stud became popular, why because the house could get a extra rake on the 6 card. Then 7 card stud became the game and lasted over 30 years.

7 card stud is dead at the present time, 2010.Low ball and draw poker died when the state of California allowed Texas holdem to become legal. Will these games come back in the future? Some day they might, but I have no idea.

What will be the next popular poker game? Could be something new or old.The thing you have to know is what the game is about.Position, is it no-limit or limit poker. So if a new game comes out and players are having fun and winning once in awhile, that will be the new game.

The main thing I am trying to say is that no matter what the game is. You have to think and play as a hustler. Hustler's go way beyond the basics of poker

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Holdem is the most popular poker game in 2010. It is a fun game to play.The internet and TV are the main reasons it is so popular. This game started to gain in the middle 1960S.Both games were popular, limit ,no-limit. Then no-limit started to die out the 1990s But limit stayed popular till about 2002.

Holdem no-limit is the game for 2010. How long will it be popular, I don't know. As long as I have been playing. Poker games come and go, but not that quickly. In 2000, I would of said that holdem was dying out.But right now it is so widespread, that I have no idea will it will start to die out.

How to understand different types of poker games. It is not an exact science, or math. It is a combination of skills. What ever most players say about a certain poker game. They are usually right, but in reality they are wrong.

Why are they wrong? Say you are in a big pot and you lose.Some of the players at the table may make a comment. Like saying you had to play that hand the way you did. What they mean is that is the way they would play the hand.

To be winner, long term at poker. You most understand things in a different way then most players think. Say you are dealt 2 Aces, most players think you have to play that hand. Most of time they are right, but what if you are way ahead in the game, and were going to quit. Playing that hand may make you more money or you could lose all of your money.

Which way should you go? Long term winners, most of time will throw the hand away. And go home with the money.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Real poker

Real poker is a lot of things.Public card rooms,private card games, and online or internet poker. Most people think it is playing in public card rooms. But it is anytime you play poker for money.Money is what poker is, unless your are playing strip poker.

Real poker fun, that is why a lot of people play. They also play to make money. And people play for a lot of other reasons. But a hustler plays for only one reason, money...

If you want to play poker as a hustler you need many skills. The skills you need are not that complicated. But you really need to know things that most players don't. That is what everything means. Example, you are playing no limit hold em. You have a pair of Aces for a starting hand and play it to the end. You lose the pot. Another player says to you, you had to play that hand, you just got unlucky.

A pair of aces is the best starting hand in hold em.All players know that or will learn it quickly.A hustler knows when to play aces and when not to. That is the difference between a hustler and a player. A hustler thinks and plays at a different level.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Texas holdem strategy

Texas holdem strategy is actually quite complicated, When you are playing in a live game, or watching poker on TV, you hear a lot of statements. Most of the statements are correct. But most of the people making the statements, really don't understand the statement they make.

Texas holdem strategy is a lot different then what they think. The best example is poker tournament,live limit poker,live no limit poker. All three are totally different games. Most of the people that are known as great tournament players, are not as good playing live poker. Why is that, because although they are playing Texas holdem, a tournament and a live no limit are two totally different games.

The best example, in a poker tournament, when the blinds go up your stack is usually cut in half. So at some point you have to play some marginal hands. In a live no limit game you only have to play the hands that you want to.

So good luck to you. Some day I will write the perfect strategies for each type of poker game.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Learn poker

Learn poker is is an art, and a science and math. And a few other things that I will have on my blog someday.First you have to learn the basics of poker. Meaning things like starting hands. Starting hands are easy to learn.Like in holdem, 2 aces.. Are the best starting hand.Everyone will agree that 2 aces are the best starting hand.

Learn poker is not that simple.Say you have 2 aces in a limit poker game. You are first to act and you just call.If one player calls you, you are the favorite to win. But what if 5 other players call. Now you are actually a dog to win.Most players don't really understand when aces are not the best hand. One example is most players go to far with aces.Say you have 2 aces and on the flop, it comes 10, 7,2 off suit. You bet and get raised. Well you are probably beat. The other player has at least 2 pair or a set. You can call one raise but if you don't improve your hand, you should give it up.

Winning at poker is simple.But you got to understand many things that most players don't ever understand. This will get you the money in the long run. Some day I will have a lot of things on my blog and will write a book. The reason I have not written my book is simple, I am trying to write a book that anyone can understand. It may not make you the best poker player in the world. But will show how to make money playing poker.Which is the reason I started to play poker.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Live poker

Live poker is very popular.It is played in about half the states in the United States. It also is very popular around the world.Most people that play poker, do it for various reasons. To have fun is the number one reason. Winning some money is the number two reason.

Live poker is played in public cardrooms and home games. In a public cardroom, you can sit down and play as long as you want.In a lot of home games you are supposed to play for a length of time. So say you are going to play in a home game. When you first sit down, explain to everyone, that you can not play all night, because you have to go to work early in the morning, That way if you win a lot of money in the beginning, you can quit and take your profit.

When I first started to play poker in home games, all the players would make an agreement to play for a certain length. Many times I would be way ahead in money but they didn't want me to quit. They would say, hey we all agreed to play for a certain length of time. So I would say I would play for a little longer but then I got to go. You have to be careful in home games, if you win and quit. They won't invite you back. I got shut out of a lot of home games because I usually won.

Live poker in public cardrooms is different. You can go into any game that you want to.What you should do before you ask for a game is, check out all the games. The game that the most players are loud and having fun is the game you want to get in.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Poker strategy

Poker strategy is easy, read a book and play in a game and have fun. That is what a lot of players do. Some players never read a book. Some books are good and some bad.

Poker strategy is a lot of work. Making money at poker and playing to have fun and make money. Well these are 2 different strategies.To make money only is what I am going to try to do. Some day I will have my book out.

Most of the poker books that are out there, are good. But what good is a book if you really don't understand what they are saying. When you play in live pokers games you hear a lot of comments.99% of the comments are wrong. Why? Because they really don't understand what they are talking about. They have a basic knowledge, but never go beyond it.

Poker strategy is a lot of basic things. But to make money at poker , you really got to understand a lot of things, most players never get it.Holdem is a very popular game. Example, your in a live, no limit poker game. The first player bets $10, then are next, you throw in a $25 chip, you think you are raising, but all it is a call.Now if you say raise, and the dealer or player hears it, then it is a raise. Say you are first to act and throw in a $25 chip, that is the amount that you are betting. Now if you are first to act and say $15 and then throw in a $25 chip. Then $15 is the bet amount.

Now most players understand what I just said. But they get into a pot with the nut"s and they get excited and Forget to say raise before they throw the chip in. Most players keep making the same mistakes over their lifetime of poker playing.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Play poker

Play poker, it is an easy term, But why you are going to play is very important.Most people play for many different reasons. Playing to win money is the main reason all people play. But in reality, they also play for a lot of other things. To have fun, to kill time. relax. And a lot of other reasons.

Play poker is very popular in the United States and arround the world. I believe that T.V. is the reason it is so popular. And one of the reasons most players play bad. Why is that, because most of the people you see on T.V. are tournament players. If they play that way in a regular game they would go broke most of the time.

Play poker to make money is not easy and it also not that hard. It is a combination of skills. Most players are aware of most of the poker terms. And they think they have the skills.

Winning poker for the long term? Hustlers play for for one reason and only one reason. That is to win money! They understand everything. How do they do this, I will explain in the future. Good luck.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Texas hold em

Texas hold em is the most popular poker game in the United States and around the world. The game has actually been around for the last fifty years.It almost died out but then an idiot won the World series of poker and then it exploded, big, big time. Mainly because of TV. And also Internet poker sites.

Texas hold em started out in Texas. Were poker was illegal. Then In the late 1960's it started in a legal poker room in Las Vegas. The Golden Nugget in downtown Las Veagas.Then started to spread slowly though out Nevada.California also had legal cardrooms were poker was played.Those games were Draw games. Low ball and high draw..Then in the 1990"s California allowed Hold em.

Texas hold em will be around for awhile more. But when it dies out, there will always be another poker game just as popular. That is the nature of poker.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Rebel poker

Rebel poker is winning style of poker playing. You are fighting to win money.Playing poker is a gambling game. Rebel players only gamble in certain spots, where there chance of winning the pot is good.

Rebel poker players use a combination of skills to win money. All skilll levels are important. Some are not talked about, because most authors of poker books have not really played for a living. Playing poker for a living is hard. Because of alot of factors, that most people don't realize.Rebel poker players understand all of the factors.

Poker is a fun game. Especially when you are winning alot of money and alot of pots.Other times if you break even, the game is alot of fun. Or if you win acouple of big pots and still wind up losing.

Here is one, ups and downs.You will have bad days, bad weeks,bad months. You will have good days,good weeks, good months. Rebel poker players, at there worst will break even during these times. Because they are playing to win money, not to have fun.

Some day. I will write a book about all the skills and factors in poker.The reason it is not out yet, it is this. How to write a book that everyone really understands, very hard to do. But I will get it done someday.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Poker blog

Poker blog,why I started it.My intention is simple. I want to help people make money playing poker. Though the years I have met or played with 1000's upon 1000's of people.99% Almost all were nice and good persons.When I first started playing I would win alot of money and also lose aloy of money. After awhile I was going to give it up. Then I meet an oldtime hustler, who showed me the ropes. Then I met more hustlers though the years, I learned alot and would like to pass it on.

Poker blog,I am not sure yet, how to go about and what to write. Setting the blog up has been alot of work. Writing articles is also not easy, but is fun. The first articles are general things and later on I will go into details in a manner that anyone can understand.There are many books out there on poker. I have read most of them.Most were ok, but a few were good. But even the the good books are hard for most people to learn.They have the right stuff but don't put it in a manner that you can learn fast.

Poker blog will be good someday.If there is any one out that knows about blogging. Or has knowledge of search engine optimization. And site navigation and any other things about blogger. Just leave a message, on the comment list. Thank you.

Poker players

Poker players are very nice people as a rule.They all want to win money. And some days they do win. And some days they lose. They come from all different parts of the United States and around the world. Male or female, young and old. Most of them play for many different reasons. To have fun, kill time, relax and more.
Poker players have different skill levels. Some of there skills are good and some bad.Most players really don't get better, from the time they first start playing until they die.Why is that, because as they play, they hear new things all the time. And they think they know, but they don't take the time to really study them.And really understand what they mean.AA's are the best starting hand in texas . Most players lose more money with AA's than they win AA's. Some day I will write a book to really define how this happens.

Poker players use a combination of skills when playing poker. Just knowing some of the skill levels is good.But understanding all of them is the way to play.Because some of the skills are more important than others.Pro's or hustlers know how to apply them at different levels.
Most books on playing poker are good. A few are excelent.But as far as I am concerned, they don't explain everthing, in the right way. You read the book, some of it goes above your head, some goes between your ears and does not stay. The best example, one of the best book's written, I ask people when I am playing about one of the chapters. THey say they read it.Then I ask them about one single item, like on how to bluff in no-limit. They read it. but really don't understand.

Online poker

Online poker is gettig very popular in the United States and around the world.There are many poker sites to play at. The safest and best site is on my blog. This sites software developer was a software expert and also a poker pro. Beware, some of the sites have had problems, mainly smaller sites.
Online poker is great for many reasons. This site runs live games, limit and no-limit. It has touraments, small and big. And has sit and goes called SNG. All of this goes on 24 hours aday,7 days a week.
Online poker tips.1.If you don't have an optical scroll mouse, you should get one.It makes it easy to bet with.2.No matter how much money you put in your account, you should play in very small games and touraments at first.Why, because it takes awhile to navigate through the site. And you will get a feel of how the games and touraments are played.3.Play only one game at a time when you first start out. After you have played for awhile. You can play several games or touraments at the same time. Also SNG's.4. Money management is very important in your life, and when you play poker.
I like playing online for many reasons. If I am in a bad game I can get out and go to another game. When I am running bad, I can quit, and go back later. Like to play in touraments.Now this may be strange, but I like playing at night and early morning. I feel the games are better.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Poker is a gambling game that is played for money. It has always been a popular game in the United States.But with the game being played on television,it has exploded in the United States and around the world.Texas Hold'em is the most popular poker game today. Texas hold'em will be around for awhile.
Poker is played live in many states. It is also played online, on the internet across the United States and the rest of the world.
Poker is game that is played by people, for many reasons. Fun,social,relaxing,gambling,kill time,money.They play in home games,in casinos, in poker rooms and online. What ever the reason, most people do not understand the differnce between live poker and poker touraments on television. It is a big difference, almost 100%.
Poker is a gamblig game.Good poker players take gambling to a different level,they take most of the gamble out of the game. There is a lot of skills you need to know.My friend told me many years ago the 99% of all players are idots.That may not be the right number, but it is close.Most players learn the basic skills, but they really don't understand them. There are many skills you need to know, but how you understand them is the key!
Bluffing is one skill, that everyone knows about. But how and when to do it, most players don't understand.Alot of players give up on bluffing because they have lost alot of money.Some players also win alot of money bluffing.Knowing when to bluff, how to bluff, and when not to bluff. Is a skill that can be learned, and understood by anyone.
I have started a poker blog. Also writing a book on poker, not so much on playing the game, but winning money.

Strip Poker Stories

My first strip poker stories
When I was young, about the age of 18. My buddy calls me up and says we have a party tonight.I asked him when and where? He said that 3 older girls wanted to drink, and play strip poker.We got to their house and they were good looking and laughing alot. So we all started drinking beer and set up the poker rules. The rules were very simple, who ever loses a hand, takes off one of their clothes. We were playing five card draw poker
My buddy and I were winning most of the hands. The girls were taking their cloths off and laughing alot. All of a sudden it dawned on me, they had many sets of clothes on. I did not want to say anything in front of the girls. We were drinking and having fun. My buddy finally figured it out, when he was sitting there totally nude and I was down to my underware. One of the girls had just taken her bra off, and was down to her panties.Then one of the girls said the game was over and since I was down to my underware,I was in favor of quitting.
The girls had the last laugh. I was thinking how stupid my buddy and I were, thinking we were big favorites to see them all naked first. After all it was their idea, not ours.
My second strip poker stories
I used to deal poker in Reno NV. When ever a new woman player sat in my game. I would ask her if she had played in a poker room game before. If she said no, I would tell her the game was just poker, but if she lost a pot. Don't take your clothes, this is not a home game. They would almost all laugh, and have fun in the poker game.