Sunday, September 13, 2009

Poker blog

Poker blog,why I started it.My intention is simple. I want to help people make money playing poker. Though the years I have met or played with 1000's upon 1000's of people.99% Almost all were nice and good persons.When I first started playing I would win alot of money and also lose aloy of money. After awhile I was going to give it up. Then I meet an oldtime hustler, who showed me the ropes. Then I met more hustlers though the years, I learned alot and would like to pass it on.

Poker blog,I am not sure yet, how to go about and what to write. Setting the blog up has been alot of work. Writing articles is also not easy, but is fun. The first articles are general things and later on I will go into details in a manner that anyone can understand.There are many books out there on poker. I have read most of them.Most were ok, but a few were good. But even the the good books are hard for most people to learn.They have the right stuff but don't put it in a manner that you can learn fast.

Poker blog will be good someday.If there is any one out that knows about blogging. Or has knowledge of search engine optimization. And site navigation and any other things about blogger. Just leave a message, on the comment list. Thank you.

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