Thursday, September 10, 2009

Strip Poker Stories

My first strip poker stories
When I was young, about the age of 18. My buddy calls me up and says we have a party tonight.I asked him when and where? He said that 3 older girls wanted to drink, and play strip poker.We got to their house and they were good looking and laughing alot. So we all started drinking beer and set up the poker rules. The rules were very simple, who ever loses a hand, takes off one of their clothes. We were playing five card draw poker
My buddy and I were winning most of the hands. The girls were taking their cloths off and laughing alot. All of a sudden it dawned on me, they had many sets of clothes on. I did not want to say anything in front of the girls. We were drinking and having fun. My buddy finally figured it out, when he was sitting there totally nude and I was down to my underware. One of the girls had just taken her bra off, and was down to her panties.Then one of the girls said the game was over and since I was down to my underware,I was in favor of quitting.
The girls had the last laugh. I was thinking how stupid my buddy and I were, thinking we were big favorites to see them all naked first. After all it was their idea, not ours.
My second strip poker stories
I used to deal poker in Reno NV. When ever a new woman player sat in my game. I would ask her if she had played in a poker room game before. If she said no, I would tell her the game was just poker, but if she lost a pot. Don't take your clothes, this is not a home game. They would almost all laugh, and have fun in the poker game.

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