Friday, January 15, 2010

Learn poker

Learn poker is is an art, and a science and math. And a few other things that I will have on my blog someday.First you have to learn the basics of poker. Meaning things like starting hands. Starting hands are easy to learn.Like in holdem, 2 aces.. Are the best starting hand.Everyone will agree that 2 aces are the best starting hand.

Learn poker is not that simple.Say you have 2 aces in a limit poker game. You are first to act and you just call.If one player calls you, you are the favorite to win. But what if 5 other players call. Now you are actually a dog to win.Most players don't really understand when aces are not the best hand. One example is most players go to far with aces.Say you have 2 aces and on the flop, it comes 10, 7,2 off suit. You bet and get raised. Well you are probably beat. The other player has at least 2 pair or a set. You can call one raise but if you don't improve your hand, you should give it up.

Winning at poker is simple.But you got to understand many things that most players don't ever understand. This will get you the money in the long run. Some day I will have a lot of things on my blog and will write a book. The reason I have not written my book is simple, I am trying to write a book that anyone can understand. It may not make you the best poker player in the world. But will show how to make money playing poker.Which is the reason I started to play poker.

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