Monday, January 18, 2010

Texas holdem strategy

Texas holdem strategy is actually quite complicated, When you are playing in a live game, or watching poker on TV, you hear a lot of statements. Most of the statements are correct. But most of the people making the statements, really don't understand the statement they make.

Texas holdem strategy is a lot different then what they think. The best example is poker tournament,live limit poker,live no limit poker. All three are totally different games. Most of the people that are known as great tournament players, are not as good playing live poker. Why is that, because although they are playing Texas holdem, a tournament and a live no limit are two totally different games.

The best example, in a poker tournament, when the blinds go up your stack is usually cut in half. So at some point you have to play some marginal hands. In a live no limit game you only have to play the hands that you want to.

So good luck to you. Some day I will write the perfect strategies for each type of poker game.

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