Saturday, January 30, 2010

Poker games

Poker games are just new and old games.The main reason games come an go is that poker players play for many years and get better and better. Then the game starts do die out because to many players know how to beat the game.

Poker games also change because of the house(poker rooms). Find games that that make there rake(money) higher and faster. Also TV has made a big change in poker. Holdem is the most popular game today. It started to die out in the year 2000. Then by the year 2005 it exploded.Because of TV and also the internet.

Poker is a five card game, meaning that the best five cards win. When I first started playing, most games where five card games. Like 5 card stud, low ball and draw poker.Then 6 card stud became popular, why because the house could get a extra rake on the 6 card. Then 7 card stud became the game and lasted over 30 years.

7 card stud is dead at the present time, 2010.Low ball and draw poker died when the state of California allowed Texas holdem to become legal. Will these games come back in the future? Some day they might, but I have no idea.

What will be the next popular poker game? Could be something new or old.The thing you have to know is what the game is about.Position, is it no-limit or limit poker. So if a new game comes out and players are having fun and winning once in awhile, that will be the new game.

The main thing I am trying to say is that no matter what the game is. You have to think and play as a hustler. Hustler's go way beyond the basics of poker

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