Saturday, March 27, 2010


Pokers is mainly a gambling game.The math involved in poker is very basic.A lot of players play poker as a math game. Math is important,but if you play only that way you will be a winning player. But not a big winning player.

Pokers is a game that hinges more on skill than chance.What skills do you need to make money. Many skills, here are some. Basic math,money management, position,limit or no-limit game selection,starting hands,when to bet or raise or fold.Plus many more skills.

Do you have to have high skills at every level.No,but you must understand all the skills.What do I mean about this. Well one example, basic math, you play 2 suited cards and flop 4 to a flush.If you are heads up and the other player bets,you are a big dog to win the pot. For 2 reasons, you are a 4 to 1 dog to make the flush and if you make the flush and don,t have the highest flush the other player could have a higher flush.

The main reason you have to understand all skills is easy. When you are running good, the hands you play and the way you play them does not matter that much. Why, because you are lucky.When you you are running bad and are playing the wrong hands at the wrong time. You are going to get murdered.

So you must learn all the skills.Learning all the skills is pretty easy.Understanding all the skills is a lot different and to get to a higher level,is a lot of work.

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