Thursday, January 21, 2010

Real poker

Real poker is a lot of things.Public card rooms,private card games, and online or internet poker. Most people think it is playing in public card rooms. But it is anytime you play poker for money.Money is what poker is, unless your are playing strip poker.

Real poker fun, that is why a lot of people play. They also play to make money. And people play for a lot of other reasons. But a hustler plays for only one reason, money...

If you want to play poker as a hustler you need many skills. The skills you need are not that complicated. But you really need to know things that most players don't. That is what everything means. Example, you are playing no limit hold em. You have a pair of Aces for a starting hand and play it to the end. You lose the pot. Another player says to you, you had to play that hand, you just got unlucky.

A pair of aces is the best starting hand in hold em.All players know that or will learn it quickly.A hustler knows when to play aces and when not to. That is the difference between a hustler and a player. A hustler thinks and plays at a different level.

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